Signs From the Universe That I’m Back on Track!

I was in a session with my Psychic Medium and while she was in a trance this spirit had told me two things:

  1. No matter how many times I stop communicating with spirit, it (the desire) will always come back to me.
  2. Re-evaluate my purpose for connecting to the spirit world.

Well she sure was right about number 1 because no matter how much I would distance myself (knowing and unknowingly) from communicating with spirit, I would always find myself back trying to make the connection. I was about to say I don’t understand it but I actually do. I have a belief that this is my calling – I have an odd desire to become a medium and I can’t stop that feeling.

For those who know me well know that I do something, I get excited then really go for it but I’ll either fail or get bored then I’m over it and I never return to it. Well communicating with spirit, this urge, has been going on for more than 2 years and each time I come back I get more and more excited!

But then we come to number 2 which makes me a bit sad; my desire has always been to become a medium to connect with peoples loved ones and to give them messages of love but to have a spirit tell me to re-evaluate my purpose for connecting makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to connect to give those messages. Sure there can be many reasons for me to connect to spirit other than to give messages but I’ll be honest, I don’t really want those reasons to be a reality.

I guess regardless of the purpose of this gift, I am so HAPPY to have chosen to live this life this way – minus the struggle and the waiting; it’s pure torture and I am not a patient person.

About 4 months ago I decided to take a hiatus from trying to reconnect with spirit and it was just 3 days ago that something hit me, metaphorically speaking, actually to be specific it was a smell. This smell reminded me of the scent I would use while meditating and that immediately, without a thought, turned me back around and I decided that instead of wasting time, I was ready – ready to hit this head on. I remember sitting on my couch that evening and said,

“Alright Spirit Guides, Universe, Dad, Grandma, anyone who is listening to me! I am ready to get back at it but for real this time. I am coming into this full force and I need your help. If it’s time, if I am ready and if you are willing to help work with me to get to where I want to be, please give me a sign. It can be tonight or in a few days but make sure that when you give it to me, I know it’s you….but please down turn off my electronics because that scares the crap out of me!”

No joke, I remember saying that. That evening I went to bed and for the past two days I have been seeing my numbers again, non-stop! At work I have been so busy an very rarely look at the clock but every time I did it was 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and 2:34 – when I was going into Chapters this evening to get a book that would inspire me to get going, I had asked them to just give me another sign.

“Make a book literally fall out of the book case if you want me to get that book. Just please give me a sign that I’m on the right track.”

No books fell off the shelf but my bill came up to $64.64 – I had to laugh and thanked them for the sign. I love how spirit connects with me but I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s freaky. To know something is near you yet you can’t see it, regardless of how loving it may be, it can be startling, especially if you SEE it. I am so excited to share with you the past experiences as well as future experiences and in the process I am hoping to excel with my gift and make people happy.



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