Meditation & Opening My Third Eye

Mediation is always a struggle for me when I get back into a routine, or at least try to. Once I finally start getting it and being able to last longer and go a bit deeper, I stop the practice and I have to restart whenever I decide to get back into it again. Meditating is like building muscle – although you may take a break from it, once you start getting back into it, it gets easier and easier.

Since writing my first post, I’ve had a lot of stress from a work move I was coordinating which didn’t allow me to go to the gym nor walk the Labyrinth or do any sort of meditation; tonight my children are with their father so it gave me the opportunity to sit and try to see how a meditation would go.

Generally my meditations last 5 minutes, I am very quick with them as I will hear a noise or for some reason I will open my eyes or get freaked out that someone is standing in front of me – I am not a fan of not seeing what’s going on. Over time I have gotten a bit better at it but tonight, tonight I had the most amazing experience in meditation so far. I can’t say it is the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced with everything I have been given in the past two years but during a meditation I have never experienced anything except maybe a quick vision of something.

I really had no expectations and was hoping I could at least do 10 minutes. As I start, nothing much happened except for a lot of thoughts about work. As I try to let them pass through, I start to focus on my breathing. For a moment I could feel the right side of my face from my forehead down, start to tingle. Now this use to be a regular occurrence for me while meditating when I had all those amazing experiences from spirit last year. I haven’t been able to feel my third eye open for a very long time. Once I felt it, I got very excited so I started to relax even more. I got to a point where I thought I was going to fall asleep but then the left side started to tingle. I then felt both the left and right side tingle and felt the two slides slowly connecting to the mid space on my forehead. I was SO excited! I have been waiting forever for this. If you’re not sure what it feels like when your third eye opens up, it’s like a buzzing across your forehead – my buzzing feels like a zipper opening my forehead and it’s not subtle, you can definitely feel it.

Once the feeling stayed for about 10 seconds, I felt an amazing feeling go over my body, light and buzzing. I desperately wanted to open my eyes but not sure if it was out of excitement or if I wanted to see what was doing this to me – my eyes fluttered for a few seconds and more of this feeling started to roll over my body. I wasn’t scared but it was definitely a different feeling and I knew it wasn’t just nothing, it was an energy that was going through my body. I can hear someone telling me not to be scared and it was OK and the feeling subsided. As I start to have a conversation with what ended up being my spirit guide, she mentioned that I would start to slowly see things again but just to wait a bit longer.

After that, my eyes opened and I still felt a bit groggy so closed them again and just sat for another ten minutes in quiet. In total it was a 30 minute meditation which felt like 10 minutes. It’s not easy trying to get in these meditations with two small kids at home but hopefully that won’t affect anything and I am really hoping this is the beginning of my dream come true.



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