Those Crazy Dreams of Yours May Have the Answer You Need.

I’ve been really interested in videos on Edgar Cayce recently; I’ve heard of him before but thought maybe his stuff would be a bit too dry – I have yet to read anything from him but videos from the A.R.E. are very interesting. One video I started watching was about dreams.

A while ago, a medium I had went to had mentioned that my dreams were really, really, really messed up and she was right! A co-worker friend of mine and I always compare our dream stories and 99% of the time, mine would take the cake for crazy! I know many people don’t remember their dreams but unless your a mentally disturbed psychotic (apparently they are the only ones who can’t dream), you do dream. For the most part I can remember dreams for a few days, some the moment I move I end up forgetting them and others I remember forever.

I started writing down my dreams, even in the middle of the night if I woke up, I’d jot down (hopefully a legible) dream then when waking in the morning I would start to remember more of the dream. Sometimes I would have to record it on my phone but I was so out of it I couldn’t hear some of the things I was saying – but after writing them down for a while, it started to get easier to remember them. I have pages upon pages of dreams and you’d probably have your first two sets of abs fully visible once you finished reading these dreams.

Edgar Cayce said that dreams can tell you a lot more about yourself than you know, it can tell you when you’re veering off your path and when you’re doing well – it also helps your mind, shall I say, unravel, the things that happened that day but in a way in which it’s very hard to decipher. Kevin J. Todeschi has a video on YouTube that I had just watched that was very fascinating and I started my dream journal back up again and let me tell you – I haven’t even purchased his book yet and I can already see how your dreams can give you the answers you are looking for.

One of his mentions was to go to bed with a question, any question so last night I went to bed with the question: What are the things blocking me from becoming a successful medium? I asked this 3 times just before I nodded off to sleep and here were the dreams I had last night:

  1. I was in an office building, a best friend co-worker was with me and the elevator wasn’t working properly so we decided to walk down the stairs. It also had something to do with the coffee and tea machine as I wrote that on my dream journal but can’t remember what exactly it had to do with anything.
  2. My boss kept spitting things at me – maybe sunflower seeds?
  3. My step-sister rolled her eyes at me because I was talking to some people at a table, she interrupted, I told her something and she rolled her eyes.
  4. Donald Trump came do my apartment and kept playing golf inside. He didn’t know how to play but he kept swinging the club awkwardly and rubbing the head of the clubs around my window and TV; he wouldn’t leave.
  5. My son got hit by a car, I tried to run back to him as I heard him cry but people wouldn’t let me get to him so I went into the bar and started drinking a beer. I felt bad that they wouldn’t let me get to my son.
  6. An old friend moved into a house beside me the same day that I moved into my house. As we chatted, she had to tell me about her 4th kid she had when we were just young kids in school – I felt bad as I knew she was ashamed and was sad she wasn’t ever able to see him.
  7. I was sleeping in my house, woke up and walked downstairs. The light in the back room was on so I went to see what was happening. The baby gate was up separating the kitchen from the back room and I saw people sitting in the back. I started to walk closer and yell; they ran. One of the women was trying to say sorry and that they didn’t know anyone was in the house. I was trying to run and yell at her but I was stuck in super slow motion and felt like I couldn’t get to her. Additionally the words coming out of my mouth were also in slow motion but I couldn’t get the words out, just my lips were slowing moving.

Now trying to decipher these to the events that had happened throughout the day and to the question I had asked last night, all of them I am still thinking about but the last one blew me away.

House = Me
Baby Gate = Separation
Back Room = Hiding
Slow Motion = Something (usually your own self) holding me back from achieving ambitions and desires.
Can’t Speak = Desire to speak what’s on my mind but cannot make our voices heard.

I must say, this is exactly right. Thinking about it, I truly am blocking myself – now I think I need to get down to specifics…like what and how? Tonight will be the question of what steps I need to do to overcome these blocks.

Think about it – have you ever been laying in bed, asking yourself a question and not long after, you pass out; the next morning you wake up having dreams that you can’t figure out why you had it or what it means? It’s was probably the answer to your question.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this dream stuff and how it actually works, go to https://youtu.be/ikCdrzVtxNQ and watch this video that Kevin L. Todeschi gives a lecture on. It’s extremely interesting and may help you understand some of your dreams.


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