Asking For a Sign – A Labyrinth Story

I have many stories to tell you all about spirit and I was going to keep them for a few years down the road but I feel like I need to get them out. Today was suppose to rain but thankfully it was a partially sunny day so I headed out to the store, grabbed some peanuts and headed to High Park to feed the chipmunks. After a while I headed up to the Labyrinth they have in High Park in order to do a walking meditation. I was surprised at how well my mind did at not going astray and thinking about other things. For the most part, it stayed quiet. Of course my question was “What do I need to work on in order to become the medium I want to be” but I had no answers. I walked, meditated, walked again then proceeded up the hill to do one more meditation but I received nothing; but that is OK. I feel that I need to get better at my meditations before I can start focusing on getting anything from spirit again.

It brings me to one of the experiences I had in a Labyrinth outside of my office when I just started learning about signs and asking spirit for signs. This summer being yet again frustrated with my desire to become one thing but it not manifesting, while walking the Labyrinth I kept saying,

“This is what I want to do, this is what I feel pulled to do and my experience proves that I can do this but everything has stopped and it’s not coming back. Please, someone, something, give me a sign that I am still on the right track and I will become what I want to be.”


Moments later, a big, beautiful Monarch butterfly (which you never see downtown) flew over my left shoulder and landed directly in front of me, smack dab in the middle of the path. Something inside of me immediately knew that this was my sign. The butterfly stood there facing me, slowly flapping it’s wings a few times, then relaxing them. I started to tear up because of the overwhelming feeling of joy I had of knowing this was for me. I slowly walked slower to it and it wouldn’t move. Then as I hear in my mind, “There is your sign”, the butterfly flew away in the opposite direction. I started to walk again but I don’t remember exiting because I was so happy and caught off guard by what happened.

When you really start to connect with the Universe and ask for a sign for something in your life, amazing experiences will start to happen.


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