Asking For a Sign – A Labyrinth Story

I have many stories to tell you all about spirit and I was going to keep them for a few years down the road but I feel like I need to get them out. Today was suppose to rain but thankfully it was a partially sunny day so I headed out to the store, grabbed some peanuts and headed to High Park to feed the chipmunks. After a while I headed up to the Labyrinth they have in High Park in order to do a walking meditation. I was surprised at how well my mind did at not going astray and thinking about other things. For the most part, it stayed quiet. Of course my question was “What do I need to work on in order to become the medium I want to be” but I had no answers. I walked, meditated, walked again then proceeded up the hill to do one more meditation but Continue reading “Asking For a Sign – A Labyrinth Story”


Signs From the Universe That I’m Back on Track!

I was in a session with my Psychic Medium and while she was in a trance this spirit had told me two things:

  1. No matter how many times I stop communicating with spirit, it (the desire) will always come back to me.
  2. Re-evaluate my purpose for connecting to the spirit world.

Well she sure was right about number 1 because no matter how much I would distance myself (knowing and unknowingly) from communicating with spirit, I would always find myself back trying to make the connection. I was about to say I don’t understand it but I actually do. I have a belief that this is my calling – I have an odd desire to become a medium and I can’t stop that feeling.

For those who know me well know that I do something, I get excited then really go for it Continue reading “Signs From the Universe That I’m Back on Track!”